How to Get to Die For Skin ; Guest Blog by Kitty

Hi! My name is Kitty, or atleast that is what I go by, I run a Hair Care Blog but today I will be guest blogging about how I have gotten “to die for skin” as many of my friends call it.

We all want to be that girl with glowing skin, with no break outs and no makeup needed to look flawless. What if I told you that last summer, I was that girl?

That’s right! The only makeup I wore was eye shadow & mascara (no foundation, no cover up, no powder, nothing!) and I’m here to tell you how you can have flawless, pimple free skin.


Your Diet Is a Big Deal

I know most of you probably do not want to hear this, but our diet is a big deal when it comes to our skin, last year I went raw for the summer (meaning I did not eat anything that had been cooked) Since I was living at home with my parents my eating schedule was based around them. I would eat raw when my dad(who works away from home) wasn’t there, when he was I would still eat healthy, but I was a little more lenient.

  • Increase the amount of fruits and raw veggies you eat; I started each day with a strawberry- coconut smoothie : the coconut helps to flush out any toxins in your body and upped my intake of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as lots of “raw” cakes, made from nuts, honey and fruit most of the time.
  • Drink more water; Other than eating raw veggies and more fruit I was(and still am) drinking 8-9 glasses of water a day, half with fresh lemon juice(something that will help flush out toxins and help you lose weight!)
  • Take Dietary Supplements; taking “stinging nettle” pills(something I swear by to help get a flawless complexion)
  • Avoid Sugary/ Greasy Foods.  I also credit keeping away from sugary, greasy foods for three weeks at a time, taking a week off to eat bread and maybe a pizza, then going back to my “raw” eating.

Eating healthy isn’t the only thing we can do for our skin, If you shave, make sure you do it correctly and be gentle to the skin. I’ll walk you through my personal routine, which helps me to have super soft skin; everywhere on my body – not just my face.

  1. Hop in to warm-hot water and relax for a minute or two, this will give your pores time to open up; allowing for a closer shave.
  2. Grab some soap and a scrub brush(or anything you can exfoliate with) and get exfoliating! But be gentle, you don’t to kill your skin, just take off any dirt or dead skin so your razor won’t get clogged.
  3. Try to keep your razors new! they will work better. But now its time to shave! Try to shave as little as you can so you don’t irritate the skin. If you shave once a week, I suggest that you buy a new razor each week, or change your razor blades regularly.
  4. Once you have finished shaving grab your condition(yes the stuff you use for your hair) and massage it into your legs for a silky smooth finish!
  5. And just one last thing! Before getting out of the shower run your legs(or anywhere else you are shaving) under cold water to help close your pores back up and prevent the hair from growing back as quickly as normal.

Optionally: once you are out of the shower, a great at home “after shave” is lemon juice – be warned it will sting like a bitch the first couple times!  This is honestly the tip I recommend most as it makes my legs feel amazingly smooth after my skin absorbs it.

Bonus tip: Try waiting longer in between shaving, it will start to take longer for the hair to grow back, I promise this does work if you give it time! I only have to shave once every two weeks now! and I stay silky smooth(meaning no stubble) for 2-3 days!


Showered and shave? Check.

Now a couple tips on moisturizing!I will be honest with you, I don’t even buy moisturizer any more, the 3 products I use for moisturizing are: Olive oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter, all of which are amazing.They are all great in their own way, but the oils can be, well a little oily so make sure you give yourself time to “dry” before putting on clothes, if you’re in a bit of a rush cocoa or shea butter will dry much quicker and get you out the door faster.

One of my favorite things to do if I want to make sure my skin stays silky smooth(mostly on my hands) is I will apply olive oil before going to bed and sleep in gloves or other tight clothing, I wake up the next morning and feel like I have  the softest skin ever!

Don’t forget to moisturize both from the inside and the out –  make sure to drink your water!


Lastly, I want to leave you with a few simple DIY skin treatments that I have used and swear they have worked wonders on me!

For Dry/Rough Feet

When I need to deal with rough/dry feet I warm up some olive oil and mix in a little coconut and peppermint(to get the blood flowing to my feet) and give myself a massage with the oil, apply a pair of socks and forget about it until I take the socks off, and my dry/rough feet are gone!

Exfoliating Facial Wash


  • a little lemon juice
  • and brown sugar.

Use right away.

Exfoliating Body Wash


  • 1 tablespoon  lemon juice,
  • 1 teaspoon body wash,
  • and a pinch of oats together in a bowl,

Use right away.

I hope you enjoyed the post and I want to thank Jenny so much for giving me this opportunity!



How to Grow Your Hair Thicker, Longer and Healthier QUICKLY!

After discovering a whole curly hair/hair growth community on youtube and even just the general internet I’ve compiled a few key tips which have helped my hair to be thicker and grow faster and more healthy.

Let’s go.. Hope they help!

  •  Stop Using Heat: 

Heat damages your hair causing breakage, split ends and dryness. I used to obsessively straighten my hair

^ with EXTREME heat damage! ^

I had to cut my hair after this because it was so dead. It was growing at a snail’s pace and wouldn’t curl properly.

  •   Scalp massages are important

Scalp massages help to increase blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth. You can use essential oils which promote hair growth too!

They also feel REALLY good and help relieve stress and headaches.

  •  Foods rich in B vitamins help

Taking a supplement with B vitamins, Biotin or folic acid will allow you to see a marked increase in your hair growth, complexion and the strength of your nails.

  •  Shampooing your hair too much causes breakage

Cut down on shampooing and your hair WILL benefit. Sulfates (a main ingredient in most shampoos) strip your hair and cause more oil to be produced, meaning you need to wash your hair more often.

Your hair could look greasy for a while after you start this, but the less you wash your hair the more it will adjust to that routine. Twice a week is the most I’d say you should wash your hair.

You may also want to look for a less harsh shampoo ( sulfate free) . My baking soda and vinegar rinse is good for this :

  •  Use Wider Tooth Combs

if you have tangle prone hair it is advisable to finger detangle your hair rather than comb as this is a more gentle way to undo knots instead of tugging and pulling the hair with a comb. If you can’t go without combing, switch to using a wider tooth comb.

  •  Deep Condition Your Hair Regularly

For a deep conditioning homemade recipe click this link:

It’s important you keep your hair moisturized if you want to grow it. The above recipe can be done once weekly the day you plan to wash your hair and can be followed up by the baking soda/vinegar rinse I mentioned before.

Here are some oils which promote hair growth:

  1. Peppermint Oil
  2. Rosemary Oil
  3. Lavender Oil
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Grapeseed Oil
  6. Shea Oil

Hope this helped!! Let me know how it works for you.. Keep in mind you want HEALTHY hair, and the length follows.

This routine allowed me to go from having chin  length hair ^^^ , to having hair that reaches the bottom of my bra strap, in about 1 year and a half

Jenny xox.

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How to Clarify Your Hair Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

So as a girl with natural curly hair, I’ve been looking for a good way to clarify my hair for a while. Using oils can sometimes cause build-up in your hair and that can be difficult to get out of your hair without using a shampoo containing damaging sulfates.

After doing some research,  I found Baking Soda and Vinegar. The most commonly used vinegar is Apple Cider, but Distilled White Vinegar may also be used.

Won’t using vinegar leave my hair smelling funny?

No, in my experience, once your hair is completely dry you shouldn’t experience any smell. If you do, you could dilute the recipe more. I actually noticed my hair smelled really nice and clean

Won’t vinegar dry out my hair?

No, this recipe is dilute enough to not harm the hair. My hair actually looked more moisturized and defined without any product in it whatsoever. Do this at night, not when you’re planning to go in direct sunlight.

This rinse can take the place of expensive shampoos and work twice as well.

How does it work?

It reduces frizz by smoothing the cuticle of the hair shaft. This adds shine and manageability. It also adjusts the pH of your hair as it is mildly acidic, as is your hair; whilst normal hair products are alkaline, and also strip your hair of moisture CAUSING FRIZZ.

The Recipe:

– 1 cup of warm water

– 1 teaspoon of baking soda

–  2 teaspoons of vinegar ( distilled white if you are blond, or apple cider)

– 1 cup of warm water

* You can do them as separate steps or you can do as I did and mix them together in a bottle at one time and apply to the hair.

Thoroughly saturate the hair, and then just tie in a pineapple, leave it for 5-10 minutes.

Rinse out with warm water, and use conditioner towards the ends of your hair (from ear down) if necessary.

I would recommend doing this once every week or fortnight, depending on your hair regime.

Here are the pics of my hair after using this and letting my hair air dry for around 2 hrs.

Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used to:

  • Give energy
  • Treat the skin
  • Treat Warts
  • Whiten Teeth
  • Lose Weight

Hope this helps! If you do it leave a comment, pictures/video response.

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 Happy Clarifying!

Jenny xox

How to Clear Your Acne Fast!

After many recent trips to the beach I realized my skin, which has been plagued with breakouts from my pre-teen years had cleared up DRASTICALLY.

So I had to wonder, does salt water clear the skin? Where I’m from, the locals think that salt-water is a cure-all for any ailment; but it never occurred to me that it was beneficial to my skin.

How does it clear the skin?

Research has shown that salt-water, or saline solution as it is scientifically termed has been proven to alleviate acne by changing the pH of your skin to be more alkaline. I also find that it soothes my face when my skin is irritated too. Salt has antibacterial properties making it a good cleanser for acne prone skin by decreasing zit causing bacteria.

Won’t it dry out my skin?

However you may experience some dryness, but nothing that can’t be solved with a good moisturizer. You can also play around with the amount of salt you use depending on your skin type. Epsom salts is also a less harsh alternative to sea salt for those with eczema/skin conditions.

Sea Salt Face Rinse:

Wash Your face with warm water to open the pores

Mix 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt per 8oz water

Apply to the face at least twice daily, more depending on your acne etc, using a cotton pad.

Let the salt water remain on your skin for a few minutes (you can choose to rinse it off or leave it, then moisturize)

 Other Uses of Sea Salt:

– Cleaning piercings (heals faster than with store bought piercing cleaners) & Cleaning wounds and burns (heals faster)

– To brighten yellowing linen/cotton

– Gargle it to cure sore throats

– To treat insect bites

-De-odourizing shoes

Hope this helps!

Jenny xox