Are You Emotionally Wrecked By Season Finales?

Sitting in the house by myself.. I really realized how much of a simple pleasure in life it is. All I was missing was hot chocolate… but it being like 30 degrees out, I’m fairly sure I’d melt if I had it.

So after I’d blogged, DIY-ed, and cooked, I was asking myself what I should do… (LOL I say this like I completely don’t have to study)

I’m someone who watches TV series, not movies – so I was going to watch Criminal Minds and the shocking realization came to me that *insert dramatic music* it’s the season finale.

I don’t know if it’s just me… but I have to be emotionally prepared before I watch the season finale of things. Inevitably someone dies/leaves and it ends on a cliffhanger. I admit it, no matter how sad it is.. season finale’s emotionally wreck me. ESPECIALLY Grey’s Anatomy, but then again you kinda need to be prepared to cry for a general episode of that.

It did leave me to ponder WHAT I am actually going to do during summer considering all the series’ conveniently go on summer break >.< and what value is a summer without exceptionally brainy, emotionally damaged, sexy, gun toting man candy to drool over?

I mean, there’s always real life boyfriends… but it’s not the same is it?  LOL jk.

*sighs* oh well.

Let me know what you’re favorite series’ are and what your plans for the summer are..

Jenny xox