Are You Emotionally Wrecked By Season Finales?

Sitting in the house by myself.. I really realized how much of a simple pleasure in life it is. All I was missing was hot chocolate… but it being like 30 degrees out, I’m fairly sure I’d melt if I had it.

So after I’d blogged, DIY-ed, and cooked, I was asking myself what I should do… (LOL I say this like I completely don’t have to study)

I’m someone who watches TV series, not movies – so I was going to watch Criminal Minds and the shocking realization came to me that *insert dramatic music* it’s the season finale.

I don’t know if it’s just me… but I have to be emotionally prepared before I watch the season finale of things. Inevitably someone dies/leaves and it ends on a cliffhanger. I admit it, no matter how sad it is.. season finale’s emotionally wreck me. ESPECIALLY Grey’s Anatomy, but then again you kinda need to be prepared to cry for a general episode of that.

It did leave me to ponder WHAT I am actually going to do during summer considering all the series’ conveniently go on summer break >.< and what value is a summer without exceptionally brainy, emotionally damaged, sexy, gun toting man candy to drool over?

I mean, there’s always real life boyfriends… but it’s not the same is it?  LOL jk.

*sighs* oh well.

Let me know what you’re favorite series’ are and what your plans for the summer are..

Jenny xox


Summer; Beach Bag Must Haves

It’s almost summer and a beach bag is a must have on your holidays. The beach is one of my FAVORITE places and I luckily live really near to one.

Being a summer time beach bum.. I’ve gained a bit of expertise on what you should take 🙂

Here’s what you need to pack;

  • Sunblock; at the very least SPF 15. It’s nice to get a tan, but you don’t need to go unprotected and risk getting skin cancer.
  • A towel; 1 per person that’s going. I always reccommend taking a towel even if there are loungers,because they are frequently un-comfy and you’ll need the towels to dry off in.
  • A makeup bag: If you can’t leave the house without makeup you’ll want your waterproof mascara and lippy or whatever in here, and it’s always good to have some essentials in case you go somewhere directly from the beach.
  • A hat/bandanna: Keeps the sun off your head/out of your eyes. The come in handy and can cover up a bad hair day.
  • A good book: If you’re planning to make this an all day trip, you should take some books/magazines with you to keep you going. I prefer a paperback to a kindle or tablet at the beach as I think it’s easier to take and you don’t have to worry about getting sand on it, or where to put it in your bag.
  • A small wallet: When I’m going to the beach I usually don’t like taking my whole wallet. I take a small wallet with some of my money, and maybe my ID, so that I can buy some food and drinks when I’m there. This way if you lose it or it gets stolen, all your worldly possessions.
  • A nice dress: It’s good to keep another outfit to wear in the bag that’s lightweight and easily carried so you can go and do anything else after going to the beach. If you’re planning to change you might want to take clean underwear too, so you can change out of your wet bikini , and avoid looking like you’ve wet yourself/ you’re lactating.
  • An emergency case: You should always have a couple sanitary towels/tampons in case mother nature creeps up on you at the beach. In this little case it’s good to carry alcohol wipes, wet wipes and band-aids/plasters if you’re going with kids or are accident prone like me.

What are your beach bag necessities?

Which bag are you taking to the beach this year?

Comment below and let me know (:

Jenny xox

How to Brighten Dull Days and Get Ready to Go Out

So, today I found it really hard to get motivated to do anything. I realized I needed to do some things to pick myself up, and thought I should share on my blog. This is perfect if you’re going through a stressful time such as exams etc.

Step 1: Give yourself a hot oil treatment. Apply the oils and massage your scalp. Put on your shower cap/conditioning cap. Leave on for 1 hour. (See my Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment Video Here:

Step 2: Run a nice hot bath. You can use sea salt in this bath too.. to soothe tired achy muscles, or you can use your favorite bubble bath, lush products etc.

Step 3: Grab a nice book (I suggest a paperback, not kindle version) and soak in your bath as long as you like ( 30mins -1 hr for me).

Step 4: Shave yo’ legs! If you need to.

Step 5: Drain the bath, and wash off in the shower. You can exfoliate, using a sugar scrub or a body brush etc. Now is also the time to wash your hair!

Step 6: Make some popcorn or get some of your favorite candy for watching movies. Pick your favorite movie and curl up and watch it! Also if you can multi-task paint your nails your fave color whilst watching!

Aaannnddd you’re done 🙂

This is my night! ( Keep up with the blog for a homemade scrub recipe!)

It’s good to do this on a friday night, because it totally prepares you for the weekend. Trust me, tomorrow you’ll look and feel great. If you do it, share some pictures or comment. (:

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