Are You Emotionally Wrecked By Season Finales?

Sitting in the house by myself.. I really realized how much of a simple pleasure in life it is. All I was missing was hot chocolate… but it being like 30 degrees out, I’m fairly sure I’d melt if I had it.

So after I’d blogged, DIY-ed, and cooked, I was asking myself what I should do… (LOL I say this like I completely don’t have to study)

I’m someone who watches TV series, not movies – so I was going to watch Criminal Minds and the shocking realization came to me that *insert dramatic music* it’s the season finale.

I don’t know if it’s just me… but I have to be emotionally prepared before I watch the season finale of things. Inevitably someone dies/leaves and it ends on a cliffhanger. I admit it, no matter how sad it is.. season finale’s emotionally wreck me. ESPECIALLY Grey’s Anatomy, but then again you kinda need to be prepared to cry for a general episode of that.

It did leave me to ponder WHAT I am actually going to do during summer considering all the series’ conveniently go on summer break >.< and what value is a summer without exceptionally brainy, emotionally damaged, sexy, gun toting man candy to drool over?

I mean, there’s always real life boyfriends… but it’s not the same is it?  LOL jk.

*sighs* oh well.

Let me know what you’re favorite series’ are and what your plans for the summer are..

Jenny xox


One thought on “Are You Emotionally Wrecked By Season Finales?

  1. you summarized what is going in my hear right now. i happen to have many favorite series since i am not a movie person but i definately love greys anatomy, scandal and revenge.

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