How to Brighten Dull Days and Get Ready to Go Out

So, today I found it really hard to get motivated to do anything. I realized I needed to do some things to pick myself up, and thought I should share on my blog. This is perfect if you’re going through a stressful time such as exams etc.

Step 1: Give yourself a hot oil treatment. Apply the oils and massage your scalp. Put on your shower cap/conditioning cap. Leave on for 1 hour. (See my Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment Video Here:

Step 2: Run a nice hot bath. You can use sea salt in this bath too.. to soothe tired achy muscles, or you can use your favorite bubble bath, lush products etc.

Step 3: Grab a nice book (I suggest a paperback, not kindle version) and soak in your bath as long as you like ( 30mins -1 hr for me).

Step 4: Shave yo’ legs! If you need to.

Step 5: Drain the bath, and wash off in the shower. You can exfoliate, using a sugar scrub or a body brush etc. Now is also the time to wash your hair!

Step 6: Make some popcorn or get some of your favorite candy for watching movies. Pick your favorite movie and curl up and watch it! Also if you can multi-task paint your nails your fave color whilst watching!

Aaannnddd you’re done 🙂

This is my night! ( Keep up with the blog for a homemade scrub recipe!)

It’s good to do this on a friday night, because it totally prepares you for the weekend. Trust me, tomorrow you’ll look and feel great. If you do it, share some pictures or comment. (:

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