7 reasons You’re Failing in School

Since it’s exam time, I thought it’d be suitable to post the top 7 reasons people fail exams, and how to fix them:

  • You Didn’t Organize:

Organization is key to success. It’s incredibly important to:
keep all school materials together.
pack your bag the night before.
write down all tasks you need to do.

Order helps you to be able to focus on what you need to do and it makes it WAY easier when it’s test time.

  • You Didn’t Get Enough Sleep:

Sleeping is essential when studying, to allow your brain time to process the information you’ve gone over. If you only sleep 4-5 hours at night, your brain isn’t working towards its full potential. Shut down all your electronics even an hour earlier at night and go to sleep and you’ll see a marked difference in your ability to focus in school the next day.

  • You Didn’t Get the Right Nutrients

As hard as you may study, if your body is unhealthy; your brain function will be affected. It’s tempting when studying to just grab junk food and go back to studying, but your brain/body don’t function at their best when you’re eating non-nutritious meals. Next time you’re studying grab an some fruit and a glass of water, instead of a chocolate bar and soda and you’ll notice that you don’t experience a ‘crash’ like you do when you eat candy.

  • You Didn’t Plan Your Studies
A thing that really helps is if you keep track of due dates and test dates on calendars and in planners. When you can see just how much time you have and what tasks you have to do, it makes it much easier to plan what you have to do and when.
It also may be helpful to make a spreadsheet on your computer to make a ‘study schedule’ or drawing it out; if you’re the type of person who needs to have more detail in order to stay on track
  • You Didn’t Utilize Your Time
It’s not about the time you spend studying, but rather the amount of content you can remember when you’re done.
So instead of reading the ENTIRE BOOK over and over, read it chapter by chapter and make condensed notes of the important points. When it comes time for the exam, it’ll be much easier to revise and you won’t have to pore over your boring book. Also
– make study cards
– get someone to test you
  • You Didn’t Pay Attention to How Your Teacher Teaches

A lot of times the way a test is structured is based on your teacher’s specific teaching styles. As they vary and the test is usually set independently by them, you should make sure you understand what they mean.

It is also important that if you DON’T understand that you ask them for help.
  • You Weren’t Motivated Enough

It’s easy to lose motivation when studying, because it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere. The key is to set achievable short term goals, instead of having unrealistic goals that’ll demotivate you. 

You should always keep in mind your long term goal- e.g. being a lawyer,doctor,teacher etc.
If you don’t know what you want to do, just focus on working hard to finish school, and then take it from there.

 Hope this was helpful! 

Jenny xox


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