Deep Conditioning; Repair Your Hair!

My first youtube video, of my weekly deep conditioning routine.


3 thoughts on “Deep Conditioning; Repair Your Hair!

  1. Its very good!
    The one thing, and I hope its okay I point it out the writing at 0.28 is a little hard to read.
    Other than that its really good and I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Thanks! I did go in and annotate it again, so I hope it’s clearer now. it simply tells you to use an egg and whichever oils you like,
      I used Olive Oil (mine is in a spray bottle)
      Coconut Oil
      Jojoba Oil (mine is in an advil bottle)
      and Grapeseed oil

      But it doesn’t have to be those in particular, play around with the recipe to fit your hair type. (:

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